Why Work With Us

We try to do things the right way at Netherstowe House, not because it’s trendy and cool - we do it because we want to – it’s the kind of company we want to be and the kind of hotel we want to run. We want a business we can all be proud of – whether that’s making sure our hospitality and the food we serve is as good as possible, or that everyone who works with us enjoys what they do.

In an industry where short-term employment is depressingly commonplace, we are trying as hard as possible to create jobs that people enjoy and be a company where you can settle down and build a career. We’re sure decent money helps, but we think there’s a lot more to creating great jobs than just paying well.

The basic premise is simple. We take care of each other first. Because to be champions, we need a team that supports all the individual players. Our next priority is to our guests, then our community, our suppliers and our investors. This will become a virtuous cycle that perpetuates the positive energy that drives us toward our goals.

This is why we love where we work and why people love working with us. It’s the way we leave our guests feeling great and wanting to return to us, to get that feeling again.

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