We hire and train people to be excellent at what they do—but that’s only the beginning. To be a member of our team, our colleagues need something else, something that can’t be taught. It’s a natural emotional intelligence, doing thoughtful things for others as its own reward. Helping their fellow team members succeed and feel good doing it is a fundamental part of everyone’s job at Netherstowe House, and the foundation to our continued success.

For us, excellence is a lifelong pursuit. We celebrate our accomplishments, but we’re never satisfied with staying still. We’re always looking at what’s next: how to improve, how to incorporate new ideas, how to push towards the next challenge … how to write the next chapter.

And we know without a doubt, that achieving our goals is a team effort. So no matter where we are in the family, every contribution matters. That’s why we believe in dialogue, honesty and transparency every step of the way. Because we know that it’s our team who make everything possible.

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