Celebration Cakes

Bespoke Cakes, Expertly Handmade

Whether it's a birthday, an anniversary or indulging your party guests, our impressive handmade cakes always rise to the occasion.

Our professional cake makers have over 30 years’ experience of cake decoration and all our celebration cakes are made just for you, with the utmost attention to detail. We strive to provide a stunning centre piece for your celebration and have a portfolio of pictures available – please email cakes@netherstowehouse.com to request a copy.

The prices for the cake selection we have on offer are shown below. For a small additional cost we can meet you for a dedicated consultation; this is great if you have a specific idea in mind or would like something a little different.










Fruit cake


















Frequently Asked Questions…

Q: What flavours are the cakes available in?
A: Heavenly rich fruitcake cake with brandy, Classic vanilla sponge with strawberry or raspberry preserves & vanilla butter-cream, Luxurious lemon zest cake with lemon curd & lemon butter-cream, Indulgent Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache ,Decadent Chocolate fudge cake.

Q: Can you cater for dietary requirements?
A: We can provide gluten and egg free cakes on request.

Q: How many portions will a cake serve?
A: As a guide fruit cake served in 1" pieces
Sponge is generally portioned in larger pieces and will provide approximately half the portions (see chart above for more details). The three tier wedding cake serves approximately 120 guests.

Q: I'm only having a small wedding/party. Do you do any smaller cakes?
A: We can make most designs with less tiers and you can also choose from our range of cupcakes. Please ask reservations who will be happy to arrange a meeting with our cake makers. We also make Cupcake Bouquets that are perfect for your Wedding table centre pieces. They can also double up as decorations and favours! The colours of the cupcake roses/tissue can be changed to match your wedding colour scheme. Also the flavours of the cupcakes could be mixed i.e. vanilla, chocolate or lemon. These arrangements are held together in a terracotta pot that you can keep. The price of the cupcake bouquet is £35 per bouquet centre piece

Q: Can I have a combination of cakes including sponge rather than just fruitcake?
A: You can have a combination of cake flavours for your wedding cake. If you want part of your cake to be fruit we would always recommend that the bottom tier is a fruit cake to maintain stability.

Q: How long before our event will the cake be prepared?
A: If your cake is a fruitcake we will bake them as far in advance as possible, the more mature a fruitcake is the better it will taste! If your cake is sponge we will bake these the week of your event.

Q: How long will my cake last?
A: If your cake is a fruitcake it will last for many months within an airtight container.

Q: Do you supply cake stands, bases or cake knives?
A: Netherstowe House can provide a cake stand and knife subject to availability for events taking place at the hotel. Please arrange this at the time of booking.

Q: How far in advance do we need to order our cake?
A: This really depends on the time of year that your event is taking place. The summer months are very busy so we would advise booking at least 6 to 9 months in advance. However it is always worth getting in touch as we do sometimes have a free space available.

Q: Will a deposit be required?
A: Full payment will be required at the time of booking for all cakes. The payment is non-refundable.

If your question does not appear in the above list, please do not hesitate to contact our helpful hospitality team by calling 01543 254270 or emailing cakes@netherstowehouse.com